Guidance of Service

Transportation Service

International Multi-modal Transportation

As companies become increasingly more globally oriented, interest and needs in international transportation systems that support the emergence into the global arena becomes ever increased. And with this, our clients’ needs have begun to extend beyond shipment, to areas such as storage, inventory management, inspection, customs clearance, and customer service, aspects, which are collectively known as “third party logistics”. Another important challenge facing our clients is the growing need to cut back the lead-time from production to sales in an increasingly competitive market. By systematically combining the cost efficiencies of freight transport, the rapidity of air transport and the mobility of land transport, Sunshine provides international logistics services that best suit to our clients’ needs throughout the world.

How Exports/Imports Work

Specialized Transportation

Sunshine is also adept at transportation of precision equipment and heavy cargo that may require special handling such as the temperature, humidity, and vibration specifications with vehicles fully-equipped with air suspension and climate controls. Let us handle the packaging and transportation of products that require advanced technologies and expertise such as fine arts, artifacts, and showpieces.

How Specialized Transportation Works

Moving Facilities i.e. Offices, Factories

Sunshine undertakes all operations from packaging to transportation to installation when changing office and factory locations. Sunshine can also cater to moving locations of commercial facilities such as hotels. We will accurately set up the new facility in accordance to the specified layout.

Pick Up & Delivery (OSAKA Prefecture)

Our group company, Wing Express Co., Ltd., is a certified transporter of industrial waste. As a transportation expert, Wing Express has obtained the “ISO 9001 Certification” and the “G-Mark,” which is a certification given to companies with good safety practices.

Vehicle Management System/Operation Status Report Mail

Sunshine offers a “vehicle management system” which allows our clients to keep track of each vehicle’s location, whether they are on the move or unloading, by using the Dopa Network. We also provide timely information about the location of the cargo by sending e-mail updates, highlighting the progress of each stage of the operation. These services help ensure our clients’ peace of mind.