Commercial Distribution Business

Casting Resin

Inflammable Resins for High Voltage Trans

Modern Home appliances must be halogen antimony-free environmental friendly products which have good insulation for electronics & home appliances.

Casting Resin for Ignition Coil

This product is used in ignition engine coil and have good properties in terms of potting ability, insulation resistance & heat resistance. We are world leader in production amount and trusted for high reliability for automobile industry.

Insulating Resin for Heavy Electric Equipment

This product is used in heavy electric instrument (voltage transformation & insulation spacer) which requires high voltage such as Electronic power instrument. Supporting crack resistance for high heat conductivity & long insulation life.

Electrical / Electronic Parts Application Resins

This material is suitable for embedding of ferrite parts and hybrid circuit board parts. Potting &embedding semi-conductor parts and encapsulating of small electronic parts eg. Sophiscated Flexiblematerials using low temperature & one liquid type. We have many kinds of products to suit your needs.