Commercial Distribution Business

Insulating Varnishes

Non-Solvent Type Varnishes

Our product lineup offers non-solvent type varnishes that enable a brief treatment and covers various products, from small to large equipments. For better working conditions, lower VOC/odor varnishes are also available.

Solvent Type Varnishes

From small to large products, our solvent type varnishes line cover various products and finishing varnish that provides fast drying, excellent electrical insulation, moisture resistance and oil proof are also lined-up.

Magnet Wire Coating Varnishes

Various types of wire coating varnishes have been developed to meet a variety of uses . Formal vanish has a good truck of record in use for heavy electric machinery. Polyester varnish offers excellent workability.

Varnish Impregnation Machines

As well as insulating varnish, we supply impregnation-processing machines that select suitable impregnation method ( Dip or Drop ) to meet each customer’s operation. Sold together with varnish, we totally support wide various users, from household appliance manufacturers to in-vehicle parts manufacturers, and have earned customers trust in our finely-tuned response.