Guidance of Service


Sunshine will provide a great range of distribution services from preparation of documents needed for custom clearance, staffing to bonded warehouse for assembly, processing, and packaging. Our well-trained experts will help satisfy your needs. Moreover, please do not hesitate to consult us regarding any questions you may have about custom clearance procedures, problems you may have encountered, or other laws you may be unfamiliar with.

Main Services

  • Staffing for all aspects of the distribution business
    (Main sites: Narita International Airport, Kansai International Airport, Chubu International Airport, Osaka Nanko)
  • We undertake the following activities on behalf of our clients: receive and place orders, manage storage & inventory, package, picking, installation and removal.
  • Preparation of custom clearance documents, Sales representative of general insurance

  • Vanning

  • Wrapping machine

  • Part assembly

  • Warehouse keeping

Distribution Consulting

Drawing on our rich experience, our “Total Logistics Solution” will offer the best distribution solutions and great cost reductions. We will also work with you hand in hand on joint projects to focus on the task at hand.

Streamlining Distribution