Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. About Copyrights

This website aims to provide information so that our customers will better understand the activities of Sunshine. Please note that users of the website will be deemed to have agreed to the following.

2. Privacy Policy

Sunshine warrants that any private information received through inquiries will solely be used to respond to such inquiries and for no other purpose. Such information will be appropriately managed pursuant to legislations protecting private information, other related laws, and rules and regulations regarding the treatment of such private information stipulated by Sunshine.

3. Security Policy

This website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Internet encryption protocols. Personal identification and private information sent/received from our customers’ computer to our website’s server will be encrypted using SSL. The use of the most reliable security technology for telecommunications currently available prevents the leakage of our customers’ private information to a third party over the Internet. Thus our customers may safely and securely use this website. Please click the logo of the SSL certification authority below for details regarding SSL.

4. Others

Please note that the data and information on this website is subject to change or removal without prior notice.